I never knew that I would become a tribal belly dancer until the first time I witnessed it.  The fluid movement through space and time entranced me.  The posture defied society's unrealistic standards of beauty.  Real women with real bodies danced with grace, POWER and pride. I knew then that I was meant to share this art.

PURPOSE. I have been teaching and performing in Northwest Arkansas since 2009, and I love every moment of it. My goal is to encourage healthy and creative lifestyles to women of all ages, shapes, sizes.  It's fun and different and it's challenging on multiple levels. Expect to sweat! This craft teaches me how to connect with others and the world in the most genuine way.  Even though the concept of shaking hips to music has been a part of the human tradition for centuries, I am proud to be part of an evolution that's new and American and yet reaches for the common ground between all people.

B E L L Y  D A N C E  D R I F T E R

Diana Ricketts

Tribal Belly Dancing is not your typical dance form.  It's a lifestyle.  It will take you on a journey of self discovery and allow you to stand tall like the Queen you are.

PASSION. As I grow older, I have become more aware of my aging body.  I sometimes wonder if my self-worth has finally faded away because I'm not a young woman with a hot bod.  Even though I'm semi-intelligent and should know better, thoughts like this pester me... until I begin to dance.  Once the movement begins, all that matters is the joy, love and gratitude.