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what is tribal belly dance anyway?

American Tribal Style® (ATS®) - synchronized group improvisation. This is one of the foundational styles of tribal belly dance. A group of dancers will make improvisation look like choreography by dancing in unison... without memorizing a dance routine.  But... how? The dance form operates like a language. Students will learn vocabularies of choregraphed movements and group improvisational mechanics.  Then they string the movements together like words in a sentence.  The improvisation mechanics act like grammar rules. Learning a dance style like this takes a lot of courage and trust in your tribe. Once you master this dance language, you'll be able to connect with other ATS® dancers even if you don't speak the same verbal language. I can't describe the experience really. All I can say that's it's magical.  

Tribal Fusion - ornate madness.   This is one of the many daughter styles of the foundations of tribal belly dance.  At its core, it is a fusion of American Cabaret (an oriental belly dance style) and ATS®, but the variations of this style are practically limitless. It all depends on the creativity of the artist. Therefore, any other movement can be fused into the core as well.  So when you learn tribal fusion from an instructor, you're learning that instructor's version of the style.  

My version focuses on the regal posture derived from American Tribal Style® and applies it to contemporary dance traditions mixed with inspirations from Datura Tribal Fusion Style.  There is still, however, a lot of room for sass.  So be prepared for some influence from Hip Hop and Flamenco.  I developed this style for solo improvisation and group choreographies.  When you train with me, I will be more interested in helping you develop your own style than force feeding my own.

Belly Dance Primer:

Priming the body for tribal belly dancing. We aim to have fun and work up some sweat! Suitable for all skill levels, but beginners will greatly benefit from this class. Lots of basics.

CHECK BACK (or follow my facebook page) IN MARCH 2018.  A NEW CLASS WILL BE LAUNCHED!!!  

Tribal belly dance is a genre of American belly dance that fuses the American identity with artistic traditions of tribal cultures. Tribes from Southern Europe, Western Asia and North Africa are the main sources of inspiration.  The folkloric and western elements are blended together in the overall aesthetic: the costuming, music, movements, everything.  It all goes through a filter the artist creates so what comes out on the other is a hybrid creation with an existence of its own.  There are many forms of Tribal Belly Dancing. I have decided to specialize in two styles:  American Tribal Style® and Tribal Fusion.