Diana Ricketts

Do I have to show my belly?

Nope!  The most important thing is that you're comfortable, and you can move and sweat.  I do recommend wearing yoga pants and a tight fitting shirt if you're staying covered.  A heads up: the studio has a coverup policy. All students must have their bellies covered when not in class.

Can I wear shoes?  

​Absolutely!  Juuuust one thing.  The studio policy is NO STREET SHOES ON DANCE FLOORS.  So you will need to wear shoes that are designated to wear on the dance floor.  This can be socks, ballet flats or some other comfy shoe that has never stepped on anything... but a dance floor.  OR... you could just go barefoot like us.  It's a good excuse to show off the pedicure. 

Can I wear costuming?

Hell yes!  Do it!  Might as well see if the costuming is dance worthy.  If you don't have a costume wardrobe [yet] you can always wear a hip scarf or anything you can wrap around your hips.  Pro tip: Pick a contrasting color to your skin or attire.